Meet & Greet

4 pm HIV/AIDSmonument
The Ruijterkade 112
The starting point of the Positive Flame Tour! Aids activist Peter Staley will ignite the torch and the first torchbearer is Nobel Prize winner Françoise Barré-Sinoussi. 

4.20 pm Corner of Oosterdokskade & Odebrug
Gilead Sciences, one of the producers of HIV medication organises this Meet&Greet. The topic will be: Together we stop the virus!

4.30 pm ’t Mandje, the oldest LGBT bar in the Netherlands
Zeedijk 63
A very friendly Meet&Greet in the legendary Dutch café 't Mandje, LGBT bar since 1927. 

4.30 pm Condomerie, the world's first condom specialty store
Warmoesstraat 141
This expert firm is an example of corporate social responsibility. Since 1987, the Condomerie has specialised in condoms; they organise workshops on condomology and, together with the Aidsfonds, distribute half a million condoms a year on locations where gay men meet. 

4.45 pm ATLAS 2018 in Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 243
The ATLAS2018 team has travelled around the world, giving a voice and a face to people living with HIV. The photos and films of ATLAS 2018 can be seen in the Beurs van Berlage.  

4.50 pm AmsterdamDiner on Dam Square
Dam Square
The successful AmsterdamDiner makes a financial contribution to a world without AIDS. This dinner was first organised on Dam Square in Amsterdam in 1992, on the occasion of AIDS 1992. The Amsterdam Dinner goes back in time with this Meet&Greet, to the place where in 1992 the tent was set up where seven hundred guests were served a star dinner! 

4.55 pm OLVG location Spuistraat
Spuistraat 239
This HIV treatment centre, the largest in the Netherlands, has three locations in Amsterdam, and this Meet&Greet takes place at the smallest of these three locations. 

5.10 pm Homomonument
LGBT icon Dolly Bellefleur sings during the Positive Flame Meet&Greet at this LGBT community spot in Amsterdam. Definitely a must! 

5.15 pm Anne Frank Monument
Westermarkt 74
Janssen is one of the producers of HIV medication and conducts research on HIV vaccine. The topic of this Meet&Greet will be: 'Make HIV History!’

5.20 pm Aidsfonds
Keizersgracht 392
Aidsfonds has played a very important role in making the Positive Flame Tour a reality. The bridge in front of the door is full of red ribbons and international AIDS activists are their guests: Aidsfonds draws attention to the international issue of HIV and AIDS. 

5.40 pm Amsterdam City Archives
Vijzelstraat 32
Visit this Positive Flame Meet&Greet and at the same time see the impressive photo exhibition ‘Aids in Amsterdam 1981-1996’ in this historic building of the city archives. 

5.45 pm Town hall
Amstel 1
The Positive Torch is a gift of the city of Amsterdam to the worldwide HIV community! A representative of the mayor and city council of Amsterdam greets the Positive Flame! 

5.50 pm Dutch HIV doctors, HIV nurses and HIV researchers at the Spinoza Monument
Doctors, nurses and researchers show their commitment here and you too are very welcome here. This Positive Flame Meet&Greet is organised by the professional associations of HIV practitioners (NVHB) and HIV nurses (V&VN Verpleegkundig Consulenten Hiv) and by the HIV Monitoring Foundation. 

6.10 pm Doctors Without Borders at the memorial tree in the Wertheim Park
Plantage Middenlaan opposite number 2
A special Meet&Greet in the Wertheim Park at the memorial tree for deceased employees of Doctors Without Borders. At this location, during the Positive Flame Tour, the people of Doctors Without Borders reflect on the people with HIV and AIDS they support worldwide. 

6.15 pm GGD Amsterdam (Municipal Health Service)
Nieuwe Achtergracht 100
Amsterdam’s Municipal Health Service has played a very important role in making the Positive Flame Tour possible. During this Meet&Greet, attention will be drawn to the role of the HIV prevention pill PrEP for teenagers. 

6.35 pm American Consulate
Museumplein 19
You are most welcome at this Meet&Greet in front of the American consulate. The representation of the American government in the Netherlands shows its commitment to the issue of HIV and AIDS around the world.  

6.40 pm Dutch association of people living with HIV and outdoor photo exhibition at Museumplein
Museumpromenade on Museumplein
The beautiful Museumplein is surrounded by museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and the Concertgebouw. On this breathtaking location you are very welcome to visit the Meet&Greet of the Dutch Association of People Living with HIV and at the same time you can visit the outdoor photo exhibition of Marjolein Annegarn. A must! 

6.55 pm in front of pop stage Paradiso
Weteringsschans 6
The group stands for information about PrEP and getting reimbursed for PrEP in the Netherlands. A small Meet&Greet with an important message! 

7 pm Poz Paradise in front of the Stadsschouwburg
Leidseplein 26
The actors of the play Poz Paradise, which was created on the occasion of AIDS 2018, come out just before they go on stage for the Positive Flame Meet&Greet on the pavement in front of the Stadsschouwburg. 

7.30 pm The Power of Love in DeLaMar Theatre
Marnixstraat 402
If you ask us, it's best of all to first visit one of the Meet&Greet locations in the historic centre of Amsterdam and then go to The Power of Love in DeLaMar Theatre to see how on stage Timothy Brown, who has been cured of HIV, will ignite the Positive Flame for the very first time in the world. A ticket for The Power of Love costs €12; you can order tickets online or in the Positive Flame Booth 719 in the Global Village in the RAI. Be part of the Positive Flame!On Wednesday, July 25, the group of torchbearers will make a wonderful tour from 4 to 7:30 pm, partly on foot and partly in electric tuktuks, through the historic centre of Amsterdam: from the HIV/AIDS monument to the DeLaMar Theatre. At each Meet&Greet location along the route, the torch is transferred from one torchbearer to another. Some of these places have a special HIV significance; others are pearls of Amsterdam. A number of the Meet&Greet locations are very small or invite only, they are not mentioned here. Which Meet&Greet location are you going to visit? Or you can choose two or three, of course you can!